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We are unable to offer free trials but we can to schedule a private in house visits. 

We are offering a low cost new student option, please call and we can go over the details. 


Click on a class, and add to your calendar, and book your class on the bookings tab.


3720 South Park Ave, Buffalo, NY 14219, USA


(716) 830-4708

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Dojo Family Events, Outdoor Workouts,  Tournaments, Demos and Fundraisers

Team One Strike students learn the value of working hard, growing through perseveriance and consistent practice and even "playing" together in the dojo, at events and other functions.  All of this builds and instills characteristics of family, teamwork and leadership.  Demos, tournaments and fundraisers are a great way to challenge the students and build their self-confidence even more.  Students demonstrate their martial arts skills and board breaking for those physically ready.