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Self Defense Classes in Blasdell, NY.

Self Defense Classes

Determined young woman attacking eyes of male sparring partner as self-defense tactic duri

We offer empowerment programs for women of all ages; as well as Women's Self-Defense programs. 

Our programs teach self-defense techniques, and focus on various situations that all age groups often encounter.


We also offer corporate and group classes that can be tailored for your group needs.

Your Empowerment

Practicing Martial Arts Outdoors


Personal Growth - Mind Body Spirit

Confidence, Leadership, Independence, Interdependence


Self Defense

Age-appropriate Self Defense

Situational, Life stage, Environmental

Girl Scouts Self Defense Class.jpg

Group Sessions

Group of 5 to 10 - Age appropriate

On Site and Off Site Options


Interested in Self Defense classes near Blasdell, or have any questions? Contact us!


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