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Self-Defense and Empowerment

Pre-Teens, Young Ladies, and Women's

This self-defense and empowerment program is specially designed to help young girls learn a number of techniques to protect themselves if placed in a dangerous situation, how to avoid potentially unsafe circumstances, repel the bully atmosphere and empower them with self-confidence and the self-discipline to help them make good decision that will resonate in their growth through the teenage years. Participants learn to defend themselves from attacks with a number of realistic and practical techniques that young ladies can successfully use to fend off potential attacters. They will learn the power of intent, their voice, and being aware of their surrounding as well as how to recognize questionable situations, being self-advocates and a variety of ways to say no and to believe in their self-worth.



Sculpt Tone and Trim Group Fitness

Scheduled to restart in September 2018       Tuesdays at 5:30

Work on building strength, toning up or losing weight, it all happens with STAT.  I am committed to providing a mixed workout that suits every fitness level, consisting of a gentle warm-up, strengthening using body weight, dumbbells, bosu ball, medicine balls, and kettle bells and heart healthy cardio consisting of a fun variety of aerobic, kickboxing and dance moves. Stop by and take a look around and make a plan to come to one of my classes.  I offer an affordable option so anyone can get a good workout.

Fitness Class
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