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Old School Karate Tradition in Blasdell, NY.

Specially Designed programs for kids ages 4-6 & 6-8 years

Young Dragons

Lil' Dragons

The Young Dragons Program for ages      6 - 8 years old.  Young Dragon classes run 2 or 3 days each week. 
Our 'Lil Dragon's program runs 3 months in the Spring and Fall  4 classes per month.  The programs are designed to teach children the skills they need to help them gain more focus, confidence and ultimately have more success in all they do; all while having fun.  Students have a great time participating in a fun and structured class where they develop skills that boost their self-discipline, esteem, while they learn ways to defend themselves.

Team One-Strike Tournament 1

Kids aged 9+ and Adults

Traditional Isshin-Ryu

At One Strike, we proudly follow and pass down the timeless and effective karate and self-defense system of Isshin-Ryu Karate developed by Tatsuo Shimabuku, as it was passed down to Angi Uezu.  


Our goal is to help build strong, self-disciplined, independent empowered individuals who have the ability to defend themselves and others. Our classes and activities also help to cultivate a sense responsibility, comradery and that of being part of a Team. 

Shimabuku Isshin-Ryu Kobudo

We offer a variety of group and individual courses


We offer Girls ; Pre-Teen and Teen empowerment programs; as well as Women's Self-Defense and Empowerment programs. 


In these programs participants not only learn valuable self-defense techniques, but equally focus on situations that are often  encountered various age groups.  We also offer corporate and other group action - reaction classes that can be designed specially for any group.

Womens Self-Defense
Our Mindset

Basics are Fundamental

At One Strike Buffalo Isshin Ryu Karate and Kobudo we are proud to teach and practice traditional Isshin Ryu Karate as Master Tatsuo Shimabuku taught it to Master Angi Uezu.  Master Uezu was inducted into the Isshin Ryu Karate Hall of Fame in 1997.

Master Uezu has said on many occasion, "I always look straight ahead and ignore the comments that could distract me from practicing good Isshin-Ryu". 

Master Uezu follows his Master’s beliefs in that one must be a gentleman or lady at all times and never worry about the negative influences that can harm oneself. Through all of this Master Uezu never struck out at his detractors, to do so would have taken a way from everything he believed in. If others didn’t like what he had to offer that was okay, he respected them for their beliefs and willingness to follow their chosen path. He truly believes that you must remain focused and have a big heart to accept others for what they believe.

Master Uezu says Karate is the tool that helps reach people reach their goals by training them to be strong mentally and physically. Isshin-Ryu means "The One Heart Way", as Master Shimabuku truly believed karate should be used for bettering oneself.

Excerpt from the Hall of Fame web-page Angi Uezu profile:

Brooke and Trevor Tournament 2023

Dojo Family Events, Outdoor Workouts,  Tournaments, Demos and Fundraisers

Team One Strike students learn the value of working hard, growing through perseveriance and consistent practice and even "playing" together in the dojo, at events and other functions.  All of this builds and instills characteristics of family, teamwork and leadership.  Demos, tournaments and fundraisers are a great way to challenge the students and build their self-confidence even more.  Students demonstrate their martial arts skills and board breaking for those physically ready.

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